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Worship (Page 4)

We worship in a somewhat non-traditional way, worshipping in a programmed (planned) way, then settling into silence so that the Holy Spirit can speak to us individually and collectively. There may be 15 minutes between God leading someone to speak or it may be a year. There are no averages. Worship in the manner of Friends means coming to worship expecting to hear from God and living in a way that removes distractions from God’s leading. Our worship services are semi-programmed with the last 10-20 minutes being held in waiting worship, as we listen for God’s voice to us and to our meeting. Our normal week is a 10:30 service on Sundays, but we are active at other times of month and week as scheduled.

The Repentant Heart

By Leigh Tolton A young man named Jacob received a parrot from his uncle.His uncle said that even around the sailors, the language of the parrot was just horribly offensive. When Jacob brought the parrot home, he realized that the parrot had the vocabulary to match this terrible reputation. Every word out of the bird’s […]