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Sermons by Leigh Tolton

My God, My God

We forget sometimes that Jesus on the cross is a symbol of what people are living through still because we as a world don’t live a resurrection or love-filled paradigm Our world can be resurrected and so can humanity. We just have to work so that no one is forced to be deprived of opportunity, […]

Guide My Steps

Peter knew the importance of the Southern Steps into the temple. He made nods to them as he addressed other Hebrew people in the 2 book of Peter. He alludes to the preparation to worshipping within like the preparation they had when they were readying to enter the temple. The first chapter of 2 Peter […]

A Measure of Faith

How can we apply Romans12:3-4 in our lives right now. How can we help this extend our energy and increase our witness? Scriptures: Romans 12:3-4,11; John 16:33; Acts 6:1-6; Acts 7:51-60; Deuteronomy 13:6-11; Matthew 8:10-12; Matthew 6:33 A measure of “pisteos” — How do we remain trustworthy and full of integrity as we show others […]