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Order of Worship: November 11, 2018

  • Welcome and Announcements
  • M&O today
  • Meeting for Business next week
  • Phil Baisley will be the minister for the day on November 25.
  • November 25, 2018 is also the day to decorate the meetinghouse for the Christmas season
  • Rather than meeting at the meeting house on December 1 (Saturday), we are preparing different parts of the meal for Hope House. We will instead meet at Hope House Women’s Shelter on Girard St in Middletown at 5:30 on Sunday. After feeding the women and children there, we will be going to the Light Show at Land of Illusion.
  • December 16 is our celebration of Christmas here followed by a pitch in meal.
  • Joys and Concerns
    • Helen, Charles, Rusty and their families
    • Our nation and our world
  • Opening Prayer Reading: Julie – The 100 Questions of Jesus
  • Moment of Reflection
  • Micki – Ephesians 6, the Armor of God
  • Hymn # 246 Peace Like a River
  • Joe – John 14, The Last Supper
  • Offering and Sharing: Lord I Want to be a Christian in my Heart – Helen Pemberton, special music
  • Message: Creating Societies where The Soul is Safe and Heals from Wounds
  • Open worship
  • Hymn # 150 Love Divine Please stand if able


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