Where we celebrate that of God in all people

Peace and Social Concerns

As Quakers we believe in allowing our lives to share our love for God in as many ways as possible. We want all people to have the equal access to what will help them to reach God’s will for their lives, and we stand by everyone’s ability to seek God in their own way and on their own terms. We tend to avoid violence of any kind, including forcing our beliefs on others. Our missions and outreach is done with a smile and a helping hand, rather than through statement of a shared belief, except that we serve a God of love who is in everyone.

Our members build houses as part of Habitat for Humanity, collect nonfood items for the local food pantry, and help support the women who are transitioning either out of domestic abuse or other situations, and their children, through our work with Hope House of Middletown. As a meeting we have helped women in Sierra Leone to buy land and seed so that they and their children have a chance at self-sufficiency and survival. From backpacks for school to underwear for the homeless, we are a caring church that loves our community and each other, while we seek to serve God and reduce barriers others have to equality. Of the active members of West Elkton Friends Meeting of all ages, all participate in some form of outreach in the community at large. And because our members come from New Paris, Ohio to Hamilton, Ohio, we select various projects to support one another in accomplishing near to our various homes.

During any given year we will send boxes of socks to Shoes for the Shoeless, or we might be packing up gift boxes to boys in the various military conflicts in which our nation is involved. If a ministry is important to someone in the meeting (church), then we try our best to support that member in reaching that vision of God’s will for them. We support each other with encouraging attitudes, with prayer, and by working with one another in a spirit of cooperation while we assist others.

We also care deeply about the environment, West Elkton Friends Meeting has helped animal shelters, adopted animals at the zoo, and bought numerous goats and other animals through Heifer Project. Once a year we host an Earth Day event with a hands-on project that helps us to live more sustainably individually and as a meeting.