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Philip Gulley speaks at West Elkton

Philip Gulley to speak on The Awakened Soul
Refreshments and time with the author to follow

What is the connection between happiness and spirituality? What does it mean to be in a spiritually healthy society? Philip Gulley, a progressive, persuasive and amusing writer and speaker will answer these questions in a speech on The Awakened Soul. Maybe you are familiar with some of Phil Gulley’s more humor-filled fiction books about what it means to be a Quaker or to know God, but this speech will take an entirely different tack.

It will examine what it means to be happy, healthy people, and the role spirituality plays in our lives and in our society towards meeting these goals. This will be a positive and ecumenical speech that could help us all to find a better way forward.

Your welcome to join us for worship in the morning, but we especially want for you to join us Sunday afternoon at 1:30pm. There will be refreshments and time to speak to the author after the address.

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