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Sermons on John

Palm Sunday Palimpsest

Do you know the story of Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem that day? If you come from a church that celebrates Palm Sunday you may have heard a sermon about what happened on Palm Sunday every year with as many sermons as years that you have been alive. It becomes a sort of palimpsest—a document that […]

Becoming the Best Version of Yourself

How do we apply scripture to the contemporary sentiments of “live your dream,” “being the best version of yourself,” and “you do you.” Scripture: Romans 12:4-8; Matthew 5:49; Luke 17:13; John 21-1-8; Mark 12:22-24; other resources: Video “ Best Version of Yourself” by Fearless Motivation, Living the Dream: Uncover the plan, Fulfill your purpose by […]

A Measure of Faith

How can we apply Romans12:3-4 in our lives right now. How can we help this extend our energy and increase our witness? Scriptures: Romans 12:3-4,11; John 16:33; Acts 6:1-6; Acts 7:51-60; Deuteronomy 13:6-11; Matthew 8:10-12; Matthew 6:33 A measure of “pisteos” — How do we remain trustworthy and full of integrity as we show others […]

Let There Be Light

It is impossible for dark to overtake light. And we know that the Light of God is at the center of our souls. How can we bring good to a bad situation or order to something chaotic? Scripture: Isaiah 60:1-6; John 1:1-6,9-14; Genesis 1:1-5; John 9:1-7; John 8:12; Matthew 6:14-16

Shooting the Messenger

It is human nature to push back against the person who gives us bad news. How do we work with people who are in denial without putting ourselves in a situation where we are just rejected or thought ill of because we are the messenger of facts. Scripture: Matthew 2:1-12; John 4:44; John 8:31-38; Matthew […]


Ironically we have created a religion that could be much different, more loving and more merciful if we actually allow a new mindset to reign rather than trying to force our ego-driven interpretation of Christ into our predetermined boxes or paradigms. Discussion on how this leads to a Savior Complex that is toxic and how […]

When It Isn’t What We Expected

Christ did not come as a literal king for the literal world but to help us see God in the lowliest and simplest of places to build a Kingdom ruled by alive and Goodness. Zechariah 9:9; Isaiah 7: 6-17; Isaiah 9:1-7; Matthew 1:22-23, 30; Matthew 2: 14-23; Mark 10:25-25; Luke 18:22; Matthew 6:10; John 20: […]