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Sermons by Leigh Tolton

Get Out of the Way

As humans many of our innate behaviors create stumbling blocks for others. We have to be aware of our behaviors and make sure we don’t get in the way of someone else’s leading.

My God, My God

We forget sometimes that Jesus on the cross is a symbol of what people are living through still because we as a world don’t live a resurrection or love-filled paradigm Our world can be resurrected and so can humanity. We just have to work so that no one is forced to be deprived of opportunity, […]

Guide My Steps

Peter knew the importance of the Southern Steps into the temple. He made nods to them as he addressed other Hebrew people in the 2 book of Peter. He alludes to the preparation to worshipping within like the preparation they had when they were readying to enter the temple. The first chapter of 2 Peter […]