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Keeping the Fire Alive

1 Corinthians 13; James 2:14-16; Roman’s 12:1-2, 11; 1 Corinthians 7:19-20; Matthew 11:27-30; Luke 9-6, Luke 22: 34-35; Matthew 12:13-15; Psalm 23; John 16:12-14, 33; We want to be vessels of God’s love, but what can we do to keep the fire alive? There are examples of how martyrdom have led to burnout and a feeling of estrangement from God. Christianity has too many times encouraged martyrdom and inappropriate self care. Jesus took steps to show self care for himself. Sometimes this care is letting go of old baggage and letting go of focusing on greed. It is most frequently found through seeking a more simple life, taking good care of ourselves and our environments, and trying to lean on relationships that provide spiritual support and encouragement. This is being a responsible Christian.


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